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It's Time for Toys and Games Trivia!
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It's Time for Toys and Games Trivia!

1) What child product is made of flour, water and salt?
a. Silly Putty
b. Play-Doh
c. Crayons
d. Elmer's glue

2) In chess, which piece has to move diagonally?
a. Bishop
b. Pawn
c. Castle
d. Knight

3) One of the most popular video game series is Zelda. Who is Zelda?
a. The princess
b. The evil character
c. The name of the country
d. The hero

4) Which of these games was not created by Nintendo?
a. Zelda
b. Mario Brothers
c. Donkey Kong
d. NFL GameDay

5) Which of these is not a token in the classic version of Monopoly?
a. Race Car
b. Iron
c. Dog
d. Candlestick

6) Which doll line included the characters Jade, Cloe and Sasha?
a. Polly Pocket
b. Strawberry shortcake
c. Bratz
d. Barbie

7) How many Power Rangers made up the original team?
a. 4
b. 9
c. 3
d. 5

8) Which of these is not a character in the game of Clue?
a. Miss Scarlet
b. Captain Blue
c. Miss Peacock
d. Colonel Mustard

9) With which toy would you associate Kinzcash?
a. Ninja Turtles
b. Webkinz
c. Care Bears
d. Bratz

10) Shedder is the arch villain to which group of superheroes?
a. Power Rangers
b. Pokemon
c. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
d. Yu-Gi Oh

11) What is the name of the puzzle that Yu-Gi Oh solves?
a. The Ancient Dragon Sphere
b. The Millennium Puzzle
c. The Life Puzzle
d. The Pyramid of Zord

12) What is a flip flap?
a. A game token
b. A special Wii controller
c. A doll
d. A solar powered toy

13) In the game of Quidditch, what kind of ball is chased by the Seeker?
a. The Bludger
b. The Nimbus
c. The Snitch
d. The Quaffle

14) What game would you be playing if you saw the characters Metapod, Noctus,
Evee and Jynx?
a. Mario Brothers
b. Kingdom of Hearts
c. Munchkins
d. Pokemon

Check back Sunday, July 17, 2022, for the answers and see how well you did!



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