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New Tech Connext Shop Office Relocation Progress Update
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New Tech Connext Shop Office Relocation Progress Update

We're making great progress moving into our new shop office location! All 30 printers are up and running, with lots of room for the additional printers on order in anticipation of the holidays, and for continuing to meet the needs of our growing business. Our printers are in a temperature and humidity controlled room, creating and maintaining the ideal environment for high quality printing and products.

The packing and shipping room is fully functional as we continue to add more shelves and racks for staging our products for shipment. Storage shelves are also being set up for our new "pull system" inventory. With the exception of product personalization, we plan to have a minimum number of each of our products always on hand to pull from for our daily orders to minimize the time between printing the product and shipping. 

In the office area where all the designing takes place, our desktop computers and large screens are all connected and running, along with our shipping label printers. There is also a huge walk-in storage room adjacent to the office for all our supplies, such as bubble wrap, assorted sized shipping envelopes, and shipping boxes. 

The layout of the Tech Connext lobby is also progressing nicely. A large, LED light up 3D Tech Connext sign hangs on the lobby wall when you first walk in the door. Along with a nice sofa, there's also a flat screen TV for customers to watch our "How to" videos when they stop by. Examples of our working products, including our wall mounted track for Hot Wheels racing are set up along the wall for that "real time" experience. Other products will also be showcased in the office lobby too as soon as they're released.

As as we continue to settle in and put the finishing touches on our relocation, we plan to post some pictures of our new office setup as soon as it's finalized so we can share our new "look" with you.

Customers can find our products on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and my on-line shop website. Most importantly, we're getting great reviews from happy and satisfied customers and we couldn't be more grateful! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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