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Answers to Last Week's Toys and Games Trivia Quiz
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Answers to Last Week's Toys and Games Trivia Quiz

1) Play-Doh - This toy was created in the 1930s. It was originally designed to clean coal off wallpaper.

2) Bishop - Each player has two bishops. These pieces can move as many squares as the player wants, provided that they are moving in a straight diagonal line.

3) The princess - The object of the game is to rescue the princess. Link, the hero, often travels with a fairy named Navi.

4) NFL GameDay - NFL GameDay was first released in 1995.

5) Candlestick - There are forty spaces on the traditional board, which include railways, properties, utilities and chance.

6) Bratz - These were three of the original dolls. The fourth doll was named Yasmin.

7) 5 - The original Power Rangers appeared in the early 1990s and was recreated in 2010.

8) Captain Blue - In this classic board game, the players are challenged with trying to solve the murder of Mr. Body. They have to determine who did the crime, where it took place and which weapon was used.

9) Webkinz - Webkinz are stuffed animals that come with a code that allows the owner to activate an online pet.

10) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mentored by a rat named Splinter, each of the four turtles is named after a famous artist.

11) The Millennium Puzzle - YU-Gi Oh was released as a trading card game. Players try to build and create the most effective deck of cards, which they use to defeat other players.

12) A solar powered toy - Marketed by Tomy, these collectables are extremely popular in Japan and the UK.

13) The Snitch - This game was created by J. K. Rowlings and was played by the characters in the Harry Potter series. This game has been adapted for the real world and is called Muggle-Quidditch.

14) Pokemon - The Pokemon franchise includes a television show, various video games, toys and books. Satoshi Tajiri started the concept of Pokemon.



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