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An Eco-Friendly Toy
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An Eco-Friendly Toy

Before launching our company, many hours were spent researching what would make a good toy for our business. As a first time father of a 3 year old, I had some specific objectives that I knew I wanted to incorporate into our products for our children’s futures.

"Is this really eco-friendly? How can you tell if a toy is eco-friendly? It can be confusing to get the complete picture. It is not just about what a toy is made with, but how and where it is made, how your child can play with it, and how long they can use it for.”

1) I wanted to create sustainable toys. “Sustainable toys are environmentally safe, and made of biodegradable natural materials such as renewable wood, cotton, bamboo, or wool. A sustainable toy has been manufactured in a nonpolluting way. A way without releasing carbon, greenhouse gases, or chemical toxins.”

2) Open-ended toys were also an important part of my initiatives. “An open-ended toy is simply one that your child can play with in different ways. Such toys usually have few instructions and no specified ‘winning outcome”. Open-ended toys are big on sustainability as they actively engage children and keep presenting new ways to play.” Toys that grow with our children.

3) Toys that encourage outdoor play. “Where you play matters just as much as the toy itself! Playing outdoors is fantastic to help children get some fresh air, take in the world around them, and relate to the larger ecosystem they are a part of.”

4) “The toy is made locally. While shopping for a toy, don’t forget to ask where the toy is designed, where its materials are sourced from, and where it is made! Is the toy made by a local artisan? This not only helps keep traditional crafts alive, but each handmade toy will be a unique keepsake to treasure across generations!”

All these things will continue to be a key part of my business as we continue to design, create and 3D print our toys. Thank you for your support and shopping with us!

Our Mission:
Quality materials, craftsmanship, good design, best customer service in class, and sustainability.

Excerpts taken from June 21, 2022 — Soumya John



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