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Time for Toy Trivia!
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Time for Toy Trivia!

1. Who makes good quality toys?
2. Who sells the most toys in the world?
3. Which city is known as Toy city?
4. How many toys is there in the world?
5. Which city is famous for toys in India?
6. What is the number 1 toy in the world?
7. What is the most successful toy?
8. What toy has made the most money?
9. What is the biggest toy brand?
10. What's the oldest toy in the world?
11. Which country makes the best toys?
12. Where are wooden toys made?
13. Which wood is used to make channapatna toys?
14. Why are channapatna toys famous?
15. Which is popular toys brand?
16. Are all toys made in China?
17. Who made toys?
18. Is LEGO the most popular toy in the world?
19. Is LEGO the biggest toy company?
20. Are LEGOs made in USA?

Check back Wednesday, November 2, 2022, for the answers!



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