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Revolution or Just a Trend?
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Revolution or Just a Trend?

The 3D printing industry is growing in leaps and bounds! It’s amazing what products companies are producing with this technology. For example, the ATHOS Company is currently preparing to launch their state of the art 3D climbing shoes. The climber is the main focus in the design and production process for their shoes. ATHOS begins by 3D scanning the customer’s feet, 3D printing and assembling the printed parts, then shipping a shoe that fits the customer perfectly, providing comfort when climbing.

Carbon, the North America 3D printer manufacturer and Adidas, the Germany-based sportswear brand also began working together more than 7 years ago. “FUTURECRAFT is our design and innovation ethos,” said Paul Gaudio, SVP Creative Direction & Future, at Adidas. It is about the intersection of art, science, technology, humanity, engineering and craft.” FUTURECRAFT introduced a running shoe in 2019, made from a single piece of plastic. “Made to Be Remade,” this sneaker is designed to be recycled into a brand new pair of shoes after its initial lifespan.

Based on the company’s business objectives, products like the Carbon/Adidas sneaker are produced in higher volume. Other products, like the ATHOS shoe, are being made for particular customers. This flexibility appeals to businesses.

With companies using 3D printing technology to produce car parts, body parts, robots, teeth, fancy dinners, and so much more, is 3D printing a revolution or just a trend? How do you think 3D printing will impact your future? Is 3D printing here to stay?



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