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2022: New Products and Videos
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2022: New Products and Videos

We are pleased to announce that we have caught up with the remaining 2021 product orders and are ready to get back to launching new products and making new videos for 2022!

Designing, testing, and launching new products is one of our favorite things to do. We especially like reading our customer reviews as we continue to learn which products you like and what changes we can make to continuously improve. Your ideas and suggestions also help us to determine which new products will do well with our customer base, and we really appreciate that! We are also looking forward to making more informational videos about our shop, the 3D printing process, and the “How To” videos.

So be on the lookout! Starting Monday, January 10, 2022, new products will be launched and new videos uploaded and we’re sure that you will like them!

Happy New Year!



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