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3D Scanning for 3D Printing
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3D Scanning for 3D Printing

Some 3D printing projects already have pre-made software available on CAD which you can buy for your 3D printing, but when creating an “original” 3D model, using a 3D scanner can help eliminate a lot of work. Original models have to be built from scratch, using a design program that requires accurate measurements of the object, along with drawing blueprints which usually require advanced 3D design skills. Using a 3D scanner eliminates the need for these cumbersome steps.

Many small businesses take pride in advertising and selling their hand-made products, but at some point the production of those products may need to  accelerate to meet an increased demand. Additional time may also be needed to develop and test their new products. With scanning the object, multiple copies of that product can be printed rapidly and efficiently, and quality variations that result with the hand-made products are eliminated.

With manufacturing, 3D scanners can reduce the long prototyping processes down to a couple weeks. For small businesses, 3D scanning can provide the time needed follow up on an idea through its completion, instead of giving up on that idea for lack of time. 3D scanning for 3D printing can be an excellent catalyst for businesses to become more efficient and consistent when making their products.



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