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3D Printing in the World of Toys

3D Printing in the World of Toys

The world of 3D printing in the toy industry is both challenging and exciting. As the demand for educational and safe toys for children continues to grow, both parents and toy manufacturers play an important role in which toys are made for children. 3D printing in the toy industry allows easier and more creative prototyping, along with launching new products to the market much faster, and cost-effective customization. Conventional design and prototyping methods are long, tedious and expensive. 3D printers are revolutionizing how kids’ toys of the future are designed, manufactured and sold. Educational, safe, and fun toys are released to the market in a much faster and cost-effective way, which in turn reduces the cost for consumers.

3D printing is a process in which material is laid down, layer by layer, to form a three-dimensional object. 3D printers use a variety of materials (such as plastic or metal) and techniques. They turn digital files containing three-dimensional data created on a computer-aided design into the toys and products we sell on our Tech Connext website. We use 3D printing to create models to test and validate our final product. 3D printing allows greater experimentation, which leads to greater product innovation, and ultimately, better toys.

3D printing also gives us the opportunity to interact with our customers when reading reviews, comments, and answering questions or suggestions pertaining to our products, and our customers know that "When they speak, we listen!"



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