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3D Printing Pens: Trending Product?

3D Printing Pens: Trending Product?

Practicing drawing in the air instead of on the surface of a flat piece of paper is quite the experience! The 3D pen feels like a pen, but it’s bulkier. When using a “hot” 3D pen, a melted plastic filament oozes out from the tip of the pen, and almost immediately hardens. 3D pens are a lot simpler to work with than 3D printers. With a 3D pen, a computer and software are not needed to print a design. Neither are the cumbersome 3D printer set-ups and training. Most 3D pen kits come with templates for design ideas, so you can use those or make your own.

There are hot 3D pens and cold 3D pens. The hot pen uses a plastic filament and is based on the technology of the 3D printer. The cold pen uses a material similar to ink that hardens when it hits light as the material comes out of the pen tip. The cold 3D pen is recommended a good, safe choice for young kids.

3D pens can be temperamental and break easily when not used correctly. 3D pens have buttons that control speed, temperature, wire feeding, etc. Prolonged high temperatures, wrong filaments, or clogging of the extruder can result in a broken pen.

Many believe that 3D pens are mostly for kids, however, professionals have been using them for creating prototypes, making jewelry, clothing, art, sculptures, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Could 3D pens be a new wave of the future?



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