Hot Wheels Super 6 Lane Raceway Compatible Spacer | 6 Lane Spacer

Primary color: White

Super 6 Lane Raceway Spacer

Make your Super 6 Speed Way even more enjoyable with this 6-lane connector/spacer for your Hot wheels track. I created this piece because I would constantly get irritated that the track would not consistently line up if I was trying to extend it beyond its default length. This add on has solved all those issues and keeps your track nice and tight all along your raceway.
I recommend that this product be purchased along with the Super 6 Lane Extension add on but can also be used separately.

Preset drill holes for permanent placement.

What's Included:

  • 1-6 Lane Raceway Spacer. 

      *   Track NOT included.

** I have had most success with this by connecting it every 2 track lengths.

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