Hot Wheels Compatible Super 6 Lane Raceway Extension Kit- Combo Pack

Primary color: White
Super 6 Lane Raceway Extension Kit - Combo Pack
Extend your Super 6 Hot Wheels track with this Extension Combo Kit. With these kit accessories you can conveniently extend your 6 Lane Raceway anywhere you’d like. The 6 Lane Spacer I designed ensures proper alignment when extending the track. I created this piece because I would constantly get irritated that the track would not consistently line up if I was trying to extend it beyond its default length. This add on has solved all those issues and keeps the track nice and tight all along the raceway.
Both the lane spacer and riser bases come with drilled holes for screws for a more permanent extension setup if desired.
For Monster Truck enthusiasts - risers for Monster Trucks are also included in this Combo Pack so Monster Trucks will easily fit under and pass through the Finish Line.
What’s Included:
  • 1 Super 6 Lane Raceway Spacer
  • 1 Set of Super 6 Lane Raceway Monster Truck Risers
  • 1 Extension Kit (the two pieces that allow you to extend your Digital Finish Line beyond the standard 8 ft)
*Digital Finish Line, Track, and cars are NOT included
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