Captain Underpants Hypno Ring

Size: 12 MM

Captain Underpants Hypno Ring | 3D printed Ring.

One of our popular items! Now kids can own their own 3D-printed Captain Underpants Hypno Ring. The ring's body is printed in red, with the spiral in white. This ring makes a great costume/dress-up toy or gift for both boys and girls! This product is made with high quality PLA to provide endless, imaginative playtime.

Measurements: (This ring now comes in 3 different size variations)

12 mm Ring Loop (Fits children 3-6 years old)
15 mm Ring Loop (Fits children 7-11 years old.)
18 mm Ring Loop (Fits children 11+)

22mm Ring Loop (Fits Adults)

What's Included:

• 1 Captain Underpants Hypno Ring

• Our products are made and shipped from the U.S.A.
• Our products are not recommended for children under the age of 3 without adult supervision.
• Products are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure all pieces arrive without damage.
• All parts are 3D printed using PLA Plastic and are inspected before shipment. PLA is a plastic made from environmentally safe renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane and are safe to use.
All products are shipped using high quality bubble wrap to ensure all pieces arrive as they should.

Credits for this design: Captain Underpants Hypno-Ring!!! byAnansiTheArmadillidiidaeis licensed under theCreative Commons - Attributionlicense.