Hot Wheels Compatible 6 Lane Monster Truck Raceway

Size: 2 Ft Raceway
6 Lane Raceway Starter Set

Get ready for the WOW factor! You liked our recently released 2 Lane and 4 Lane Raceway Starting Gates, so we’ve pulled out all the stops with our latest new product release - the 6 Lane Raceway Starting Gate Starter Set! Get ready for the ultimate tandem car racing experience! This is the complete package! Comes with everything you need to race 6 cars, or 3 Monster Trucks side by side down the tracks! Standard Set includes 2 Track Clamps, one 6 Lane Starting Gate, two 6 Lane Spacers, and 12 pieces of 24in track making the standard set a total of 4 ft in length.

For customers who want to make their raceway even longer, tracks are also available in 6, 8, 10, 12 ,14 Foot raceway track lengths. These variations come with track included, in addition one 6 Lane Spacer is included for every two feet of track purchased. For those who are not interested in the included track, spacers for this set can be purchased separately.

Compatible with Hot Wheels and 1/64 scale cars, this set also supports Monster Truck racing! Be the first to own this 6 Lane Raceway Starting Gate Starter Set for awesome side by side car racing at an affordable price!

*Start Gate Only variation DOES NOT include the track or spacers.

What’s Included:
• One 6 Lane Starting Gate
• 2 Hot Wheels Compatible Track Clamps
• 6 Lane Spacers (One for every 2ft of track)
• 24 in Track (6 pieces for every two feet of raceway purchased)

* Cars and Monster Trucks NOT Included

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• All parts are 3D printed using PLA Plastic and are inspected before shipment. PLA is a plastic made from environmentally safe renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane and are safe to use.