Hot Wheels Compatible Adjustable Loop

Primary color: Gray

 Adjustable Loop

TechConnext is proud to introduce their latest new product addition – The Hot Wheels Adjustable Loop!

Amp up the action with these 3 Hot Wheels track connectors and take the gravity challenge by creating your own custom stunt loop. Easy to assemble connectors provide a sturdy track loop base and top track connection to keep track in place while cars zoom around the loop. Depending on the track length being used (12 in, 16in, 24in, etc.), the loop size is also adjustable for building smaller or larger loops. Ready to take the challenge?

What's Included: 


* Cars are NOT included.

• Our products are made and shipped from the U.S.A.
• Our products are not recommended for children under the age of 3 without adult supervision.
• Products are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure all pieces arrive without to damage.
• All parts are 3D printed using PLA Plastic and are inspected before shipment. PLA is a plastic made from environmentally safe renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane and are safe to use.

Credit for this design goes to byilikeryebreadis licensed under theCreative Commons - Attributionlicense.