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The Latest Toy Trends
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The Latest Toy Trends

We’ve come a long way in the world of toy innovation. One of the sources of toy innovation is the media. Today, many children watch more YouTube than traditional television and what’s popular there is a good indicator of what toys can be successful. It’s a true reflection of what gets kids’ attention. For example: Many of you are familiar with the name Ryan’s World. A company called Bonkers Toys makes toys from what’s popular on YouTube, and their biggest products are licensed using the name Ryan's World, the most popular children’s YouTube channel with over 35 billion views.

Other trends previously blogged about are coming from the parents to the retailers. With social media, parents can now make their needs known. Parents pressure retailers who in turn pressure brands to give parents what they want.

Sustainability for the environment is also very important to the consumer, which is why our products are 3D printed using PLA Plastic, which is made from environmentally safe renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane and are safe to use. This allows us to build new products without adding to the plastic waste problem. All these things can contribute to a successful business.

Excerpts taken from Richard Kestenbaum Article, Forbes Contributor



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