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The Last Quarter of 2022
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The Last Quarter of 2022

As we head into the last quarter of the 2022, we have some exciting news to share with you. In spite of the state of the economy and the struggles of inflation, our business is continuing to thrive. With the cost of materials and energy reaching all time highs, we have still been able to keep our product pricing affordable for our customers, without cutting corners or compromising product quality. With consistently reaching all time high record sales, we have added four more printers to our shop, bringing our total number of printers up to 36! Thanks to our strong customer base and many new shoppers, we have been extremely fortunate for the success we have experienced since opening our on-line shop last year.

We have learned that for some E-commerce business owners, it can be a disheartening and troublesome experience. I recently came across an article that announced Diamond Magic's owner has made the decision to close his on-line leather gift shop. He was quoted as saying, "E-commerce is not a side hustle - running an on-line business is a lot like running a normal business except, it never closes...." We can certainly vouch for that... He went on to say, "Digital Marketing is hard - after spending the remainder of my budget on paid advertising, I have yet to turn a profit." Digital Marketing is important for our business too, but we always have to be mindful of not overspending, and it's not always easy to find that "fine line" of budget spending "balance." He added, "Customers can be nasty - I do everything in my power to make sure everything is perfect, but once a package is out of my hands, I can not fix delays at the post office." We have also experienced these same type of dilemmas with unexpected delivery delays, but we are very grateful that the majority of our customers have always been kind and understanding when we reach out to them, or when they reach out to us.

We're also excited to announce that as we get closer to the close of 2022, we will be increasing the frequency of our new product releases. We have also designed some exciting new "Limited Edition" products, made specifically for the upcoming holidays. Our Limited Edition Holiday products were a huge hit last year and we think you'll really like what we've got lined up for this year's creations. So stay tuned for some awesome new products, Limited Edition items, and unique gifting ideas! Thanks!




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