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Remember This?

June 5, 2022: "It's official! Our shop has moved out of the garage and our cars have moved back in! Our shop has relocated to a very nice office building not too far from home. The new space includes a lobby, business office, large printing room, and a packing and shipping area! The printers are already up and running, and there's plenty of room to add more printers in the future months in preparation for the upcoming holidays."

November 9, 2022: "We have rented another suite to accommodate adding 10 more 3D printers to our shop. 40 3D printers will now be running 24-7, with plans to add another 10 after the New Year."

Since these two blogs were posted, our business has continued to grow in "leaps and bounds" - literally! Even after recently renting the additional suite in early November, the need for more printers to meet the demands of our increasing sales, the growing bulk sales with Amazon, and the necessity for larger packing, shipping, and storeroom floor space, we've run ourselves out of room. As a result, we're moving again! We'll still be in the same office building, but we will now have three suites adjacent to each other and are tripling our floor space size! Some additional family members have also joined our team to help us keep up with the growing demands of our business.

We're planning to post updates of our progress, along with pictures of our shop layout, process, and equipment once we settle in - something we were hoping to do after we moved out of the garage in June, but never actually got a chance to because once we moved, we hit the ground running and never completely settled in before needing to expand again.

While continuing to grow our business, we will always carefully evaluate how we move forward to keep that healthy "return on investment" balance, ensuring that we do not over expand beyond what's needed and continue to put our customers first, producing good quality products and providing exceptional service.

We could never have imagined we would be where we are today in such a short period of time - we are truly grateful and are looking forward to an exciting 2023! Once again, thank you so much for continuing to support our business!



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