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How Will Toys Change in the Future?
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How Will Toys Change in the Future?

Think back to when you were a kid. Was there a special toy that you always wanted? Remember how you felt when you finally got that toy? No matter what our age, most of us have a connection with toys.
Toys teach children a lot about the world around them. Toys can be an important part of a child's development, both in terms of the child's personality and their educational role. There are many types of toys that stimulate creativity and help children to develop their physical and mental skills. Some of the most important toys for a child's development are ones that encourage creative or artistic skills in children. For example, building blocks, plastic bricks, and modelling clay are often used in early education to give children an outlet to be creative and express themselves. Building toys are popular because they can be used to create many other types of toys.
Some toys are made specifically for teaching children the alphabet, numbers, or problem-solving skills. Toys can also teach children social skill concepts, like communication and sharing. Here at Tech Connext, we take pride in the fact that our on-line shop toys have been designed with these building and teaching themed concepts in mind.
Today, electronic technology is revolutionizing modern toy making. Video games are becoming more realistic and intuitive every year, but does this added connectivity actually cause kids to disconnect? Prior to electronic technology, kids had to use their own creativity with their friend’s creativity to play. This is something we are seeing much less of now because most electronic toys do that for kids today.
“Even with all this new technology, there’s also been an increase in the sales of traditional toys, with old favorites like Tonka Mighty Dump Truck, Barbie and Lego on the rise. It’s possible this stems from a desire to move children away from the all-absorbing touch screen, or merely a sense of nostalgia on the part of parents for the toys of days gone by. Even as technology continues to advance at a blinding rate, it’s likely that in the future we will continue to see beloved toys of the past re-emerge in this way. We can watch as toymakers continue to reimagine them for a new generation, proving that nothing really ever goes away for too long.”
Toys have come a long way, and as times change, toys change. How do you think toys will change in the future?
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