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3D Printing in the Future
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3D Printing in the Future

As a small 3D printing toy shop, we can't help but be amazed when thinking about how many major industries are being transformed by 3D printing. Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, and Robotics are just a few of the industries accelerating into the future with this state-of-the-art technology, many of which are making cutting-edge advances for endless applications. Could the 3D printer be a catalyst for a future Industrial Revolution?

Healthcare is working towards using human tissue and cells to print skin, body parts, and organs that would be compatible with an individual. How awesome would that be if future advances in 3D printing technology could solve organ shortages and rejection?

3D printers are also being used to produce many educational aids. What better way to provide a hands-on approach to learning both in the classroom and at home?

Aerospace engineering uses 3D printing to produce less expensive, lightweight parts that helps cut both processing time and fuel costs.

Will 3D printing eventually print an entire car or a small house in just a day? What will the future hold in the world of 3D printing?



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